Photographers, Illustrators, and Artists...

Protect your privacy and protect your work, choose which information to share!

Camera Phones can share your exact location! If you create digital images by either taking pictures or by using graphic software, there is a good chance that your camera or software will include personal or private information which can be read by anyone who sees your images. This is not necessarily a problem but is definitely something you should be aware of.

If you find data on your image that you do not want made available to the public or if you would like to add additional information, you can do it very easily and quick using our free online tool.

Use the ImageDatafier to view and edit the information stored within your image or graphic files.

Using The ImageDatafier is quick and easy...

You don't even need to register or signup! If you just want to give it a try just login using the demo account.

  1. Login with the demo account or quickly signup.
  2. Upload all the files you want to see or edit.
  3. Review and edit the embedded metadata.
  4. Download and save the images you want to keep.
  5. Easily delete your account if desired (optional).

For your enhanced privacy, data files which are left on our server will be periodically deleted automatically. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Metadata can make it easy for stalkers and predators!

It happens everyday so don't be surprised.

Some people are bad, it's sad but true. There is no reason to let these bad people steal your work or harass your family. Just because most people don't pay attention (or care) whether their private information is shared doesn't mean that criminals or others with bad intentions don't care. If you share images that have your exact location embedded within them, then don't be surprised if you become the victim of a crime.

Don't even take a chance with your personal safety or that of your family. Just use our free online metadata tool to quickly edit or delete the hidden information from your files. Be sure to share this knowledge with anyone you care about. Thanks!

Something to think about...

Maybe you are famous and you don't want fans camping outside of your house? Perhaps you are rich and you don't want everyone with a scheme to follow you around? Is it possible that you have ever angered anybody who might be spiteful? Do you just want your privacy for no other reason? Are you willing to make a small effort if it will help protect your family and property?